domingo, dezembro 09, 2007

The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah (só algumas...), William Burroughs

1. Oiga amigos ! Oiga amigos ! Paco ! Enrique ! 2. Listen to the last words of Hassan Sabbah, 3. The Old man of the Mountain ! 4. Listen to my last words, anywhere ! 5. Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world, 6. And you, powers behind what filth deals consummated in what lavatory, 7. To take what is not yours , 8. To sell out your sons forever ! To sell out the ground from unborn feet for ever ? 9. Listen to my last words any world ! Listen if you value the bodies for which you would sell all souls forever! 10. What am I doing over here with the workers, the gooks, the apes, the dogs, the errand boys, the human animals ? 11 . Why don't I come over with the board, and drink coca-cola and make it ? 12. "For God's sake, do not let that Coca-Cola thing out !" 13. Thing is right, Mr Whoever is responsible for that who done it ! 14. Explain how the blood, and bones, and brains of a hundred million more or less gooks went down the drain in green piss ! 15. So you on the boards could use bodies, and minds, and souls that were not yours, are not yours, and never will be yours.

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