segunda-feira, junho 23, 2008

cows in art class

good weather is like good women

-it doesn't always happen and when it does it doesn't always last.

man is more stable:if he's bad there's more chance he'll stay that way,

or if he's good he might hangon,

but a woman is changed by






the moon

the absence or presence of sun

or good times.

a woman must be nursed into subsistence

by love

where a man can become stronger by being hated.

I am drinking tonight in Spangler's Bar

and I remember the cows

I once painted in Art class

and they looked good

they looked better than anything

in here.

I am drinking in Spangler's Bar wondering which to love and which to hate, but the rules are gone:I love and hate only myself-they stand outside me like an orange dropped from the table and rolling away;

it's what I've got to decide:

kill myself or love myself? which is the treason? where's the information coming from? broken glass:I wouldn't wipe my ass with 'em yet, it's getting darker, see?
(we drink here and speak to each other and seem knowing.)

buy the cow with the biggest tits buy the cow with the biggest rump.
present arms.

bukowsky de "poems written before jumping out of an 8 story window" - 1966

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purita disse...

há coisas que simplesmente não mudam!:D

Naked Lunch disse...


saxontheroad disse...

to be or not to be???

Naked Lunch disse...

not to be...